What’s for Supper not only provides Family Meals and Party Meals, ready to enjoy, we’re also a full-service catering company. That means you can have great, hand-crafted fresh food for your all the events in your life.

Vegetable plate

Vegetable plate for a buffet table

Food for the events in your life
We prepare food from a wide variety of cuisines and culinary traditions – Southern, Cajun, Southwestern, French, Mediterranean – and we’re available for weddings, receptions, dinner parties, office functions, church events, or any time when good food is a critical part of the festivities.

Take a look at some of our menu ideas, get party ideas on our email newsletter, send us a note or give us a call at 256-682-7899. We’ll be happy to answer your catering questions and prepare the kind of food you’ll be proud to serve your guests.

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