Feb 272010

I’ve never understood margarine. I do know what it is, I just don’t understand how it came to be accepted as food you would feed to yourself or someone else. Friends of mine remember when it came as a lumpy white mass with a red capsule in the center. The idea was to mash the red dye into the fatty stuff, massaging it so that the result was an orange-ish color something like real butter. [...]

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Feb 182010
Transforming - and Transformational Food

Transformational Food – Carrots I’ve always been fascinated with how food can be transformed from something common to something magical. Here’s a carrot. And here’s an almost unlimited number of things you can do with it. -Wash it and eat it raw. -Peel it and eat it raw with some kind of dip. -Peel it, cut it up, boil it, stir in some butter and salt and serve it as a somewhat innocuous side dish. [...]

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Feb 062010
Memorable Meals – A Wine Experience

Most wine lovers remember the time when they really understood just how outstanding a great wine can be. Here’s mine. I was living a poor graduate student’s life in Chapel Hill, working in Durham for a stereo store. Our most expensive audio equipment was made by Macintosh, a venerable component manufacturer in New York that was famous for their quality and prices. A Macintosh sales rep visited and invited us all to a meal after [...]

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