Make the change to meals prepared with fresh ingredients, sourced locally when possible, grown without pesticides, genetic modification, herbicides and as naturally as possible. Every week, What’s for Supper offers a new menu of ready-to-eat meals, both diet meals and rich, comfort food. To order meals for the week and pickup at our kitchens or delivery.

All meals are ready to eat, refrigerate or freeze. We make everything from scratch using fresh vegetables, fruit, poultry, fish and meat. Meals are portioned for an individual or family, and you can order as much as you like.

Our Story

What’s for Supper Catering is a Huntsville, Alabama food specialty company that caters sophisticated, well-prepared food from a variety of cuisines for dinner parties, receptions, weddings and special events.

Healthy Meals

We love to eat and we love making food that takes time, great ingredients and careful attention to taste and detail. We make everything from scratch and use the freshest possible meats, vegetables, pastas, grains and spices.

Catering Services

We prepare Southern, Cajun, Southwestern, French, Mediterranean foods, and love to prepare vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and other dishes people on special diets require.