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What’s for Supper is happy to provide evening meals for parents of children at First Methodist’s SWEEM day care center. Here’s how the meal program works.

Order meals for the week or the day
You can order meals for a full week and pick them up after 4:30 pm on Monday. Or, you can order meals on a particular day.

Pick up time and location
We will have meals ready for pickup – with your name on the package – by 4:30 pm in main kitchen next to the drive-in circle at the SWEEM Center. Meals will be refrigerated and in a market refrigerator in the kitchen. Signs will indicate where to pick up.

The Menu
The menu will change weekly and will be delivered via email to you the weekend before the week starts. We can do food from a wide variety of traditions – Southern, Cajun, French, Spanish, Italian and Mediterranean and we’re anxious to know what kind of meals you like or want to try.

Our Meals
We make everything from scratch and really love to cook. We have the time it takes for roasting, braising, brining and baking that just isn’t available for a family at the end of a day’s work. You can enjoy great food, made with no mixes, no short cuts, only good cooks using fresh vegetables, meats, poultry, fish and fruits.

Portion sizes
We package our meals to serve one adult with a main course and side dish. If you order for two or more, we may combine the meals in a larger container to serve multiple people.

Your meals will be delivered refrigerated, ready for you to heat and eat. We recommend steaming to reheat: just add the meal to a covered sauce pan with 1/4 cup water or less and cook until hot. Most meals can also be microwaved.

Children’s meals
At least initially, we are providing meals for adults. Depending on your child’s taste and comfort with grown-up food, they may enjoy our food as well. In the future, we may start including some options that appeal to children.

When we send you email, we include a link to www.whatsforsupper.com/sweem where you will see a description of the meal for each day of the week. Scroll down to click on a selection to place an order for a particular combination of days. You must enter your name, mobile number and email address.

When you click Submit, you will be directed to Paypal where you can enter a credit or debit card and pay for your order. Note that we will get your order as soon as you submit your form, regardless of what you do with Paypal.

Pay by check?
If you’d rather not pay online, just ignore Paypal and bring a check for the amount of your order plus 9% sales tax. We will have a box in the kitchen where you can leave checks. Checks should be payable to What’s for Supper.

How late can you order?
We would love to know what you’d like Sunday before the week starts, but understand that last minute decisions must often be made. We do need to know by 10 am if you want a meal for that afternoon. If you order later than 10, we may not be able to get a meal prepared for you.

Can you get meals earlier?
We know that some of you in a half-day program pick up your child around lunch time. If you let us know in the Comment box on your order, we will try to accommodate your request. But, because the meal may not be ready in time, we may not always be able to do so.

Questions and Comments
You can send any questions of comments to Walter Thames at wfsmeals@gmail.com, or call or text 256-682-7899.

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