Let What’s for Supper Catering provide the food and catering services for your next event. Contact us for menu ideas, availability and scheduling.

Custom Quotes
Since every event is different, and since we prepare custom menus for each event, we will prepare a custom quote for you. Once accepted, we ask for a deposit to secure the date, partial payment a week before the event and final payment on delivery. We accept cash, checks, Paypal, debit cards and credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

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5 comments on “Contact
  1. Christian Elizer says:

    Roaxanne- EVERYTHING Walter makes is exquisite! He has actually been the only person that I have met that can cook as well as he does! I support him as often as my budget allows and even when it doesn’t lol. His food will keep you wanting the next meal!!

  2. Roxanne Anderson says:

    Please send me the weekly menu. I would love to try this out. Sounds Delicious..Roxanne

  3. Great to see your ideas, really tasty!

  4. Anthony Carleo says:

    Hi Walter,

    Back in 1979 I went to Houston Texas for about 18 months. I’m from Long Island, NY, and I’ve been searching for the Different Kind of Chicken Wings since. I don’t think the Chinese Restaurant in Houston called it that, they also Battered Shank- In Pork Wings.

    I just love the Batter and can not find it any where, until I think, I saw your Wings with the Batter.

    Would it be possible to get them sent here and/or the Recipe? I may be asking too much but is there any way you can help me out??

    Thanks – Anthony. 631 928-9805.

    • Walter says:

      Hi Anthony,
      Thanks for the comment. You may be the first person I’ve talked to who ever had something like this, unless it was a guest at my house or a client. The batter is fairly simple and the only issue is preparing the wings. I don’t think they would suffer travel from here to Long Island, but I’ll be happy to send you the recipe. I’ll forward it to your email address.
      Do write and let me know what you think. They’re a superior wing, in my opinion.

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