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About Catherine Courtney Coaching

My approach to health and wellness is simple: fuel your body with whole, healthy, real food and move a little every day.

As a Personal Trainer, I’ve found that it is easy to help clients with movement and exercise, but harder to deal with proper nutrition. I can teach people how to eat, but life is so hectic that many end up ordering fast food, or find themselves mixing up a box of hamburger helper because they’ve run out of time to shop, prep and cook..

I am thrilled to partner with Walter at What’s for Supper to offer healthy, delicious foods that you can feel good about eating and serving to your families.

All meals offered by Catherine Courtney Coaching (CCC) and What’s for Supper are prepared with fresh, organic (and local, when possible) ingredients. Meals contain no milk, butter or cheese, and most are naturally gluten free. You can trust that our food contains no preservatives, artificial sweeteners or nitrates. Just good food, ready to warm and eat.

Each week, we will offer a variety of tasty, fresh meals and we typically have some frozen meals available as well. All CCC meals have 4-5 ounces of lean protein and fresh vegetables and most have a healthy carbohydrate. All of our meals are packaged in individual servings and will range from 350-450 calories. Please see the weekly menu when ordering for a complete nutritional profile and ingredients list of each dish.

I can tailor meals to fit with macro plans or any dietary needs or restrictions you have. Please contact me at 256-655-6968, or to discuss.

Thank you for letting us help you in this most important journey to better health and wellness. We value your business!

Catherine Courtney, NASM-CPT


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