May 222012
Alone at the Bar

If you’re by yourself in a city where you’ve never been, where no one knows you, and you’re tired, hungry, and in need of a glass of wine, where do you go? Do you get in your car and drive to the nearest chain? Do you wander downstairs to your hotel’s restaurant – often convenient to its karaoke bar? Do you, heaven forbid, eat fast food? By no means. Here’s what you do: you find [...]

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May 192012
Shrimp Head Stock

Though not all the world’s fine cuisines began as peasant food, many owe some of their most unique creations to the ingenuity of some poor man or woman trying desperately not to starve. Some very hungry man ate the first raw oyster. Another, lacking an oven or a knife, coated a dead chicken in mud and built a fire on top of it. In Louisiana, they boiled shrimp heads and skins so that they’d have [...]

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May 122012

One of my first blogs was about margarine, a subject about which I have some passion. I wondered how it came to be, why a human being with a choice would eat it, and overall my bewilderment that it exists at all. I really just don’t understand why one would eat something avowedly fake and think it was a good thing. My love of real butter deepened, though, last week when I made a coq [...]

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